Verizon, don’t try to trick me into renewing my contract ok?

I got a call on my cell phone today at around 3:30PM from Verizon Wireless, with whom I’ve been a customer for about 6 years. The woman on the other end introduced herself and informed me that in order to provide me with the best customer service, the call may be recorded. Then she got to the point.
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Lost Time Travel Makes Sense

ABC drama Lost, now in its fifth and penultimate season, is finally starting to answer some of its many mysteries. One big answer involves time travel, which I often guessed but also feared.

I was scared because stories that use time-travel are usually predictable, and involve one or a few characters going back in time to change the past and hopefully change the future for better. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.
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Copycat Verizon Commercials

Even though I have a fancy DVR, I actually don’t mind sitting through commercials. I sort of enjoy complaining about the awful ones, and some are actually pretty good. One of my favorites is the “Mac vs. PC” series from the last few years.

PC vs. Mac ad

PC vs. Mac ad

The series obviously had extremely wide appeal. Microsoft, tired of being associated with a flustered, jealous, pitiful businessman, released the “I’m a PC” series to let us know that Obama supporters and goth kids use PCs too.

And as with all good commercial concepts, the imitations came quickly. Verizon, sorely regretting their decision to reject the iPhone, tried to capitalize on the Mac-fandom by releasing a very Mac vs. PC style commercial series of their own. They feature a FiOS guy and a red-bearded “cable” guy.


Here’s why these commercials make me scratch my head — I hate the FiOS guy and feel sympathy for the funnier, beardier cable guy. Let’s face it, the FiOS guy is a dick. Why is he carrying around his stupid JD Power and Associates trophy while he’s out installing FiOS? And why is he always trying to pick a fight with that poor cable guy?

I think they tried to copy something without thinking it all the way through. The Mac commercials work because they’re not explaining why Mac is better, they’re just showing it. The Mac isn’t cocky or aggressive or explaining technical details, he just stands there and reacts to whatever the PC has gotten himself into. The FiOS guy, on the other hand, comes off as a cocky, arrogant jerk who can’t help himself when it comes to bragging. I doubt that’s the image they were looking for.

For all I know, these ads are working anyway. But they make me want to order cable from the funny guy with the fantastic beard, and tell the FiOS guy where he can stick that JD Power trophy. There’s nothing wrong with copying a general idea that works and adapting it to your own scenario, but you have to do more than just copy the general idea.

You have to understand why the original works, and use that to your advantage.

Lost 5: Jughead

Lost Season 5, Episode 3

This episode was really good, but I’ll need to see it again to process it. A few notes:

  • Mrs. Hawking’s first name is Eloise.
  • Faraday’s rat (in “The Constant” last season) was named Eloise
  • The girl in this episode with the gun, who Faraday stares at, is named “Ellie”
  • Alpert was standing in the background at the hospital shortly after Locke was born. Now we know why.
  • Widmore was on the island before Ben, which explains more of their long-time feud.
  • Richard, Miles, and Abaddon still remain big, big mysteries.

I’ll add more as I think of them.